Daniella's Golden Gala 2019

Daniella’s Golden Gala

September 20th, 2019

Coral Gables Woman’s Club

Daniella's Golden Gala 2019 Team Daniella’s Foundation was created in July, 2015, by Jose and Dania Collazo, after they were given the devastating news, and started dealing with the diagnosis of their 22 month old daughter, Daniella, having Stage III Neuroblastoma, an aggressive type of cancer that spreads to parts of the body and cannot be removed by surgery but, needs to be attacked by severe chemotherapy sessions. As we can all try to imagine, the devastation this family suffered thru this ordeal, was beyond words. After a LONG battle thru treatments, and still dealing with major side effects, Daniella is almost 7 years old and has been cancer free for over 4 years, thank God.

The foundation provides assistance to families who are dealing with issues of having a child that suffers cancer or other type of life threatening diseases. These families “live” their lives IN the hospital, next to their babies and kids. Some of them come from other countries and are here alone, and come to seek treatment for their children and, most of them, can’t work or go back to work. The foundation gives assistance with food, gas, clothes and, sometimes, temporary housing. The foundation also works hard to give these children some happy moments, like when they do Easter baskets and distribute them thru Holtz Children Hospital, receive donations of Halloween costumes and have a trick or treat parade thru the hospital, collect toys and gifts for Christmas and try to give these children, who are going thru some of the hardest times of their short little lives, something to smile about, enjoy some fun and maybe “forget” what they are suffering, if even for just a little while.

In order for the foundation to be able to continue providing these families with the assistance they need, we are hosting our first fund raising gala, Daniella’s Golden Gala, on Friday 9/20/19 at the Coral Gables Woman’s Club. Our goal this year is to raise $25,000.00 and, with your help, love and support, we KNOW we CAN achieve this and much more. These families are in need, these families are suffering thru their hardest moments watching their babies fight these battles and, TOGETHER WE CAN HELP!!! We have a list of sponsorship levels that will help bring this night to life and continue to provide assistance to so many of these families. Donations can be made directly on the foundation’s website at You can also mail your check or, we will arrange for your donation to be picked up. Team Daniella’s Foundation is a non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible, receipts will be provided once event is over.

Most of us have been blessed with healthy families, some others have suffered thru cancer or know someone that has or is still going thru this ordeal. PLEASE donate! PLEASE be a sponsor! We need YOU!

For more information, please contact Arleen Colon at (954) 646-2503 or visit
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